With more than 100 years combined experience in the supply and distribution of metals our company is particularly qualified to handle the needs of each industry. Our staff attends to the logistical requirements for land, sea and air transport that come hand in hand with every deal. Strong financial support allows us to offer flexible payment terms including pricing commodities at fixed costs into the future. We travel to meet you in person, speak several languages and are comfortable visiting clients in every continent. We have had visitors to our home in Boston from more than 40 countries in our efforts to reinforce relationships and bonds between us. We focus our company on not only the quality and price of our products but also, on the strong relationships we strive to achieve with each of our clients.We bring our considerable background and negotiating skills to NET Global, providing a bridge for business between people with diverse backgrounds and interests.


NET Global is able to adapt quickly to our partners’ needs because we do not operate within a complex bureaucracy typical of many corporations. With decades of combined experience in international trade, we understand the ever-changing global business environment and the need for innovative, quality companies that can keep pace with changing markets and consumer needs. NET Global is able to quickly determine the most effective and efficient pricing, product and logistics solutions, without sacrificing quality. We foster long-term relationships based on the belief that there exist win-win opportunities every day and with every business transaction