NET Global is an import/export trading company positioned to facilitate the domestic and international sale of metals and chemicals manufactured in the United States. We also represent companies outside of the US and work with them to develop a consumer base and sales networks within the United States and abroad. As a supplier of commodity metals and chemicals, NET Global stays abreast of the daily prices on both the LME and Comex markets. We offer spot priced purchases, as well as long-term fixed prices for all products.


Working with our suppliers and customers around the globe to satisfy their respective positions, we continually structure business deals with terms and prices as individual as the businesses involved. NET Global collaborates with its suppliers and distributors to maintain stock positions on every continent around the globe. We have the ability to set up stocking positions where needed to meet consumer demands. Whether you are buying or selling 100 kilos of copper in the USA or 20,000 kilos of nickel in Hong Kong, we are the company to call. NET Global prides itself on being responsive and flexible, enabling us to welcome any request. NET Global can deliver from stock positions to meet immediate shipment needs — at your factory tomorrow — or we can structure contracts to schedule regular deliveries every month for the next two years. Our job is to understand your pricing and delivery needs and to support you in your business.