NET Global

Worldwide Metals Brokers



NET Global stays abreast of daily metal prices on both the London Metal Exchange (LME) and Comex markets. As agents, we work with our suppliers to develop a consumer base and sales network within the United States and abroad.  We offer spot priced purchases, as well as long-term fixed prices for all products.

NET Global collaborates with suppliers and distributors to maintain stock positions abroad and throughout the United States with warehousing in Boston, Los Angeles, the Midwest and Texas.   We can deliver from our warehouses to meet your immediate needs – at your factory tomorrow – or we can structure contracts to schedule regular deliveries every month for the next two years.  Our flexibility and responsiveness allow us to meet the pricing and delivery needs that best support your business.

NET Global’s logistics department manages shipments by land, air or sea, providing support and tracking from door to door.