Worldwide Metals Brokers

Worldwide Metals Brokers

Worldwide Metals BrokersWorldwide Metals Brokers


 New England Trading Global is a private international company trading metal and chemical commodities. At NET Global we trade in nickel anodes, copper,tin, brass, cobalt and zinc.

With decades of experience in the supply and distribution of metals and chemicals, NET Global is uniquely qualified to handle the needs of a wide range of manufacturing industries.  Our strong financial position allows us to offer flexible payment terms, including pricing commodities at fixed costs into the future.  NET Global is focused not only on the quality and price of our products, but on the partnerships we build.

NET Global is able to adapt quickly to our partners’ needs because we do not operate within the complex bureaucracy typical of many corporations.  We are responsive to consumer needs with the most effective and efficient pricing, product and logistics solutions.  We foster long-term relationships based on the belief that there exist win-win opportunities everyday and with every business transaction.